Featured Image in Theme

1. First you resize the image – the size is explained in the theme options:

Featured Posts Images
The images for the “Category Posts”, “Selected Posts” and “Selected Pages” should be added using the “Set Featured Image” link, located under categories list at post write/edit page.
Recommended image sizes 930px. x 300px.

2. Next, go to media – add new, upload the image, click edit and copy the file url from the right side on screen


3. Go to Appearance / “Theme Name” Theme Options – click Featured Posts.
4. You will see Featured Post Source, on Slide #1 – click the edit button
5. Paste your File URL into the Image URL field
6. Repeat steps 1 through 5 for each image you want to add – you can add more than five by clicking the Add New Slide button. The Link URL lets you link the picture to a page, post or another website. The title will display a title and the Content field will display under the title on the image. If there is a link to a post or page, you can add Read More for them to click the link – type in More >> in the Read More field.
7. Scroll down and click Save near the bottom of the screen.

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