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Welcome to WEBvelations WordPress! This is my first post. I am currently converting my old site to WordPress in order to better display my portfolio, resume and work I have done on different sites from beginning to end! I will be posting my current work on the blog and adding it in my portfolio to keep it up to date! I have been converting and building many WordPress websites for two main reasons among all the other awesome features WordPress provides as a Content Management Solution (CMS) and for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)! The first one is simplicity and ease of use! I can teach you to use your new WordPress site in about half an hour. You can ask any of my clients how they enjoy their WordPress site and they will tell you for themself. The second reason I love it so much is that you can have a top of the line up to date website for starting around $500 including a domain name and hosting for the year! So what are you waiting for? Contact me now!

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